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When we say we see our client’s campaigns through, we mean it in every possible way. Whether it’s getting the right talents or personnel on the ground, securing permits for promos, locations, and events, making sure everything is where it should be, and even extending a helping hand when the going gets tough.


When it comes to execution, manpower can make or break a good campaign. Good thing we’re here to cover any

and all personnel needs you might have.

  • Talent Management

  • Talent Booking

  • Production Show Team

  • Booking

  • Brand Ambassador Booking

  • Models and Entertainers

  • Other Professional Manpower


Despite the intricacies and nuances of permits, we’ll take care of them for you so you can focus on running a tight campaign.

  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Permits

  • Food and Drug Authority (FDA) Permits

  • Special Event Permits

  • Venue and City Permits


Everything in its place and on its proper timing is a must for campaigns of all sizes. That’s why our Logistics service covers tasks big and small.

  • Trucking and hauling services

  • Motorcycle deliveries

  • Warehousing solutions

  • Ecommerce back end delivery


When we reach for great heights, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan or two. Good thing you won’t have to go far when your resources need refreshing.

  • Corporate pass through payments

  • Corporate pass through accreditations

  • Short Term PO backed Personal Loans (STL) for freelancers and SMEs

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