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To ensure maximum mileage and exposure for our Advertising and Events Campaigns through media and digital influencers, our Public Relations department constantly strives to both maintain and build on media relationships riding on a strategic yet solid communication rollout.


Starting with an overall PR Communications Strategy, we seed the clients messaging to both the media as well as online influencers. This is supplemented by Press Launches and Socials to maximize PR mileage for exposure. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, our work is benchmarked against the industry standards which

is reflected  through regular reporting and data gathering.

PR Seeding Kits

A must to have for new product launches or major brand announcements, seedings kits are more relevant than ever. From helping media outlets experience your brand offering to help them cover it better to extending its mileage by sharing them to influencers - we can source, design, customize, and send out your brand’s very own seeding kit. 

Social Media

We offer social media support to a brand’s already existing social media marketing strategy, starting with determining the appropriate channels by which to grow and engage more with your target audience. This will support an overall PR or Marketing campaign.

Events & Experiential

It is our job to get people talking about your product or service. The team positions your news to make a splash

in the media and open doors for ongoing conversations that establish you as an industry thought leader. Depending on your PR and Marketing campaigns, MPC will look into doing product launches, media events and any social engagement that allows a brand to connect directly with consumers, grow their audience, and build brand loyalty.

Influencer Relations

MPC believes that with the popularity of the social media landscape, media relations has grown to include outreach with social influencers.


For decades, brands and businesses turned to media relations because of the credibility it builds. Today, tried and true tactics of media relations also translate to the social landscape and include outreach and engagement with influencers.


We will curate and grow your list of social influencers that can highly position your brand as one of the best in your industry.

Messaging and Strategy

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”


MPC Communications, at its core, positions your company to reach your goals. Its specialized teams are engaged and connected to the pulse of your industry. We believe how you communicate your story outwardly is of the utmost importance. Thus, it aims to help you define your mission, vision, and goals and how it impacts your overall business strategy and goals.


In MPC, building the pillars of solid key messages is believed to propel any company towards focused productivity and results.

Media Relations

“Media Relations isn’t a quick fix, but rather an investment that pays dividends.”

MPC believes that media relations is a very time-consuming process that requires diligence, creativity, and a solid understanding of how the press - across all channels - operates.

The team is highly knowledgeable about the nuances of local media alongside differentiators for regional and international press.

Any brand that is serious about their Public Relations strategy should engage and interact with media, building authentic, trustworthy relationships with key publications and journalists. This is how your brand’s core messaging can turn into compelling stories for print, traditional, TV, online, or social media.

Content Communications

“Look into the power of owned content.”

MPC takes your company’s brand messaging and translates it into valuable pieces of content that can live

on your own channels - websites, blogs, etc.

It aims to promote your product, service, or mission in a way that attracts customers and drives lead, which is  an ideal complement to a brand’s whole PR Strategy as it drives authority and credibility in a specific industry.

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