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When it comes to your marketing needs, MPC is the only on-the-ground problem solver you’ll ever need.

With 10 years of experience guiding businesses, brands, and projects of all shapes and sizes, what started out as a trade solutions company has now grown to cover end-to-end marketing and trade solutions from corporate merchandise, promotional experiences, PR communication, digital marketing, video and photo production, corporate events, brand activations, booth fabrications, printing services, and more.


From our trade solutions roots, we’ve grown our size, reach, expertise, and evolved our business to marketing, digital, and more. Now, we have become a fully diversified, end-to-end solutions company that offers a comprehensive suite of services.


No problem too small, no ask too little but all will be met with innovative, relevant, and versatile design

and product concepts, top-notch production, prompt delivery, and after sales care and monitoring.


There is a quiet comfort in partnering with MPC, knowing full well that your team of marketers, creatives, and artists will take your concerns as their own, stopping at nothing until the job is done and you’re fully satisfied with work.


We commit to delivering the best possible service to our clients, seeing them as equals,  taking part in their journey from problem, to solution, and satisfaction by providing  the most fitting service and product to best serve their purpose.


To be top of mind as the only on-the-ground marketing problem solver and provider of end-to-end trade, branding, and communication services.



Custom & curated gift boxes and packaging

We started TSP with a clear mission: creating stronger relationships through personal gifts and sharing of experiences. We offer thematic, expertly curated options or the option to custom build the perfect gift box for any occasion and at any budget.
Whether personal or corporate, we top each gift with a personal note card and ship around the metro.


Pop-up cocktail bar service

Bullet Bar embodies the dynamic and high caliber lifestyle where top shelf liquor meets modern combinations. With this in mind we’ve designed our service where our drinks are suitable for the grandest of parties to the most intimate of gatherings.


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